The Network of Foreign Scientists/Researchers and Innovators in SpainFORSCIS emerges as a professional and social platform with the aim of enhancing the connectivity amongst its members, fostering collaborations within Spain and with their international network, positively contributing to the R&D&I ecosystem in Spain and constituting a specific institutional representation for this collective. FORSCIS is powered by CRE and AEAC.


  1. Creating and sustaining a network focused on foreign professionals of Science/Research and Innovation working and/or receiving training in Spain.
  2. Facilitating a professional and social platform for the members.
  3. Triggering local, regional, national and international collaborations between the members and their expanded networks.
  4. Contributing to the development of the International and Spanish R&D&I ecosystems providing the knowledge and experiences acquired by the members in other countries.
  5. Offering institutional representation of this collective in Spain and internationally.
  6. Mentoring of newcomers in practical questions of social type, like apartment renting, activities etc. 
  7. Offering introductory assessment to foreign researchers and innovators looking for the opportunity to move to Spain.